Realtor Email Marketing Guide – Renting Perfect Lists For Leads

Realtor Email Marketing Guide – Renting Perfect Lists For Leads

If you are an agent or a realtor, then you should know that email marketing is a goldmine for you when used properly. In fact, you have some options to try but if you are not ready to mess with building your “opt-in-list”, then buying or renting a realtor email list is the best option. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not spamming. Therefore, you should not worry about using the email list.

The same way you can use postcards to market houseto potential buyers and sellers, it is possible to find ultra-targeted lists of prospects as realtors or agents. There are also some portals where you can go through millions of consumer emails that are based on zip code, income ranges, location, various demographics, and many other factors. This is ideal since as an agent or realtor you are planning to carry out your marketing campaign.

Why it is not spamming

This particular form of email marketing is not spamming. This is because you are renting or buying someone’s “opt-in list.” This means that the prospects have provided their information voluntarily. Therefore, the list owner can sell or rent their list if the same is disclosed in their websites. If you do not want your information shared, then you read Privacy Policy of the website before joining.

Buying an email list

You shousold boardld be careful when purchasing an email list. This is because¬†you may end up making losses if you are not careful and use the list well. A simple online search about “buy realtor email lists” will yield a lot of results. The majority of them are terrible, while some are excellent. In fact, some companies after taking your money will fail to deliver your email list. Others provide very old lists, which are out of date. Ensure you buy lists that are targeted rest you will waste your cash.

Reputable company

Ensure you buy from a reputable company with excellent customer service and one that has been around for many years. You should be able to contact them on the phone. You need to send an email message at least seven times for the clients or customers to be familiar with you. You can also inquire whether they have a list of special agents or realtors. You may never know until you ask them.